Resources for prisoners before, during, and after their time in prison.

Loved Ones

Resources for families and friends of prisoners. Find local resources and tools to plan for a different future.


Community Organizations

Resources for the organizations that help prisoners, their families, and those recently released.

Over 600,000 people are released from prison every year.
With your help, we can make our communities safer, and heal families.

Did you know the U.S. puts away more of its own population
than any other country except the Seychelles?

Healing Families,

Making Communities Safer

Our Vision is a world where no one ever goes back to prison for lack of support or guidance. If you’ve ever known anyone who went to prison, or have been yourself, then you know how desperately Prison Recovery is needed. Please donate today.

You can support a family and their loved one in prison for as little as $10 / month. How many families can you help today?