The Prison Recovery Network is located in Reno, NV but serves families and prisoners from anywhere in the United States. We are a Prison Ministry and 501(c)(3) called to walk alongside people returning from prison, and their loved ones, as they make their transition back into society. We are made up of former prisoners, former law enforcement, finance professionals, and members passionate about helping people that society has thrown away. The Network is dedicated to creating safer communities and reducing recidivism by helping former prisoners (re)build healthy, positive relationships with their families, their faith communities, and in the workplace.

Our goals:

  • Provide comprehensive resource guides for families and prisoners to locate the services they need in their own communities
  • Develop practical & useful tools to help families, their children, and prisoners navigate their relationships throughout the prison term and plan for a better future
  • Provide case management services to guide and mentor families & prisoners from conviction to reunification
  • Assist local prison ministries & nonprofits to improve their services and identify areas of need in their communities
  • Mentor new prison ministries & nonprofits to fill unmet needs in communities nationwide
  • Provide resources for spiritual growth and formation to prisoners and returning citizens


To provide the support necessary for every family to heal and every former prisoner to successfully rejoin society.


A World where no-one ever returns to prison for lack of resources or guidance.

Our Founder's TED Talk